About Us

Rev. Dr. T. Rajendra Prasad was born in a Hindu (Brahmin) Family and was strongly opposed to Christ and Christians.  He was the only son to his parents and had 4 elder sisters and 4 younger sisters.  He was working for the Government of Andhra Pradesh in India in Co-operative Department. 


Stricken with a deadly illness 1978, he visited so many doctors and Hospitals.  Finally, he was admitted into a Christian Hospital to wait on apparent death.  During that time he had an encountere with Jesus Christ and the Scriptures from  1 Corinthians 10:13,  the specific words that attracted him were  “GOD IS FAITHFUL”.    


After the miraculous healing while in the Christian hospital, he returned home where he and his wife prayed to Jesus. During the prayer he listened and heard an audible voice saying  “I WILL  NEVER LEAVE  YOU NOR FORSAKE  YOU”.  Later that week when a Pastor gave him a Bible to read, He started reading the Bible and found the verses  in Hebrews 13:5, which he had heard before.  Then, he confessed Christ as Lord of his life on September 13th, 1978 and accepted Christ as his personal SAVIOUR.  He, his wife and three children gave their lives to JESUS CHRIST and from that point to today, the entire family are followers JESUS CHRIST as their LORD.


He finished his Bible Training from Andhra Christian Theological College, Secunderabad and started working for the LORD in the rural villages.  The LORD JESUS CHRIST has helped him to start several Churches in the Villages and spread the gospel of Christ along and helping the people to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior and to follow Him into the KINGDOM OF GOD.


For the past 30 years he has ministered in many places in India and abroad.  Jesus Christ is using him as HIS witness around the world and has done many miracles to expand his ministry in various places of the world.



Dr. Rajendra Prasad